• Compliant SPD with Wrap Document

    Compliant SPDs with Wrap The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires plan administrators — the people who run plans — to give plan participants in writing the most important Read More
  • Guide to Self-Insuring with TPA Vetting Guide

    The ERISA Academy was created to provide Forward thinking Brokers with training and educational resources. Helping Brokers navigate the transition from fully insured to self- insured group insurance Read More
  • ACA Compliance Assessment

    ObamaCare has Brought Significant Changes to Employer Benefits DOL HealthCare Reform Audits! Help for Employers; Prepare for a DOL Investigation -- Before It Happens The Dept. of Labor has Read More
  • Winning Employer Presentation

    Benefit Business Plan Best Practices in Designing Your Benefits Portfolio As the architect of your client's healthcare benefits portfolio, how are you getting the most for their healthcare Read More
  • HRA Document Creation

    HRA benefits are uniquely designed by your for your client Product is agency and agent branded HRA is complete with all required compliance documents Product includes a compliance, Read More
  • Self Insurance

    You already enjoy the many benefits of being a self-insured employer. Our benefits management technology platform elevates the performance of all of the components in your current plan. Read More
  • Superior Medical Management

    The "Next Generation" Medical Management Service partners with self-funded employers, assisting in the effort of fiduciary responsibility sought by CFOs. All healthcare claims are negotiable! Superior Medical Management Read More
  • Next Generation Population Health Management

      "Next Generation" Population Health Management technology builds the patient electronic health record and automates patient engagement. Engagement and education are the first 2 ingredients every health plan Read More
  • Wellness Coaches

    For employers, we custom craft and administer a wellness solution that complements your organization's culture. Most employers chose a phased-in approach for implementing an outcome-based wellness initiative. Tying Read More
  • 1 Compliant SPD with Wrap Document
  • 2 Guide to Self-Insuring with TPA Vetting Guide
  • 3 ACA Compliance Assessment
  • 4 Winning Employer Presentation
  • 5 HRA Document Creation
  • 6 Self Insurance
  • 7 Superior Medical Management
  • 8 Next Generation Population Health Management
  • 9 Wellness Coaches
  • Level Funded
  • Ref. Based Pricing
  • Rx

Level Funded

imageGroup Agent Resources delivers the consulting and analytical services needed to manage the delivery of your health care benefits. We become your outsourced HR department. Our deliverable helps to cure medical illiteracy and improves adherence to evidence-based medicine.Creating a benefits agenda/benefits business plan that identifies priorities, maps the path and delivers results is the key challenge for companies.Contact Group Agent Resources today to discuss Level Funded for your company.

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Reference Based Pricing

imageReference Based Pricing is a No-Network, all providers and facilities are available nationwide, solution. Provider pricing (established by Medicare) creates a base price representing true cost = 100%. Out os network cost is as high as 16,000% of Medicare. PPO's are typically set at 225%. When your network provider or insurance company negotiates a lower settlement, something below 225%, who gets the difference? Not YOU! Contact Group Agent Resources today!

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Transparent Rx

imageMost PBM partnerships are fraught with conflicts of interest, the plan is misdirected and the goals of the employer and PBM are out of alignment. PBMs often keep hidden revenue streams that should be returned to the plan sponsor and intentionally make it difficult to see how they are really making their money. Our transparent pass-through model focuses on helping clinets understand the industry and manage drug spending. The complexity of the traditional model vanishes and a productive partnership is the new result.

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Group Agent Resources
Sell Level Funded Health Plans that return 100% of unspent claims funding to employers.

Sell No-Network every provider is in and Transparent Pharmacy delivered from a fiduciary standard.

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1time and money

Support with a Full Array of Self Insured & Cost Containment Solutions

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Winning Employer Presentation

Best Practices in Designing Your Benefits Portfolio

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Differentiate & Be the Superior Healthcare Consulting Firm.

"The End of Healthcare Business as Usual."

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